Awl Leather Workshop

Master leather craftsman Bruce Erskine has been practising his art for over 40 years, both in Australia and overseas. In 1991 Bruce recognised the potential of the historic Old Butter Factory in Bellingen, NSW, Australia as practical and interesting workshop and retail space.

Since then Awl Leather has built a far-ranging reputation for its carefully handcrafted Australian leather sandals, footwear, leather belts and other leather goods with customers worldwide.

Handmade leather sandals, leather moccasins, medieval footwear, Australian leather belts, chefs knife rolls and more are made right here in our workshop. We also regularly make and service saddlery and horse gear.

As a master leather craftsman Bruce and his team are regularly called upon to produce footwear and costume items for theater, TV and film.

In addition to our own products our retail shop sells work by other Australian leather artists as well as a selection of imported leather goods. We also offer a range of leather working materials.

The workshop is home to a number of leather artists creating everything from bespoke book covers and diaries to steampunk masks and costume items. This ever-changing range can be viewed in our showroom.

Visit our unique workshop and see Bruce and his team using time honored processes, turning raw materials into beautifully crafted finished products.

Awl Leather proudly presents work by Bruce Erskine, Anton Halim, Chub McNeil, Gabrielle Tindal and Alex Cowley.

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